Friday, March 28, 2008



G3, Ecoterra House, St. Joaquim Road, Borda, Margao, Goa. 403601. India.
Tel: 0832 2703454, 0832 3141001

Welcome to MAXSAN Fitness Hub, a company that provides services related to Health, Fitness and Wellness. Keeping in mind the changing standards of Health and Fitness in today’s fast changing trends.

Where the mantra “PREVENTIVE FITNESS” is the most crucial component in healthy living. The best medical care may not be able to restore 100% quality of living after a Heart attack or a Stroke. We have realized “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE” and are moving the slogan slowly out of text books into people’s lives when it comes to Health and Fitness and are proud to present MAXSAN Fitness Hub and MAXSAN Fitness Academy.

We are one of the leading players when it comes to cultivating in house talent. A one of its kind Fitness Academy churning out certified trainers who are committed in helping you achieve your goals in a structured and most systematic manner. It follows a three way approach of Counseling, Motivation and Monitoring.

We have evolved into a knowledge body with expertise to set up and effectively manage gyms. We have a Franchisee Gym management module where potential investors can put in the infrastructure and we can roll in the manpower and management resource.

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